Our Mission

The purpose of the Wellspring Hope Community is to transform lives by providing safe and restorative transitional housing
for survivors of sex trafficking. We accomplish this by involving the whole community to bring together individuals,
corporations, churches, and other non-profit organizations to help fund/build the housing for these women and their


The housing in this community will be for women (and their children) who have graduated from the Wellspring Living
program. Wellspring Living was founded by Mary Frances Bowley in 2001, and is a non-profit dedicated to rescuing and
preventing the sexual exploitation of women and children. She is a leader in bringing the fight against child sex-trafficking to
Atlanta and is a founding member of the Georgia Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force. She is also the author of three
books, ‘A League of Dangerous Women’, ‘The White Umbrella’, and her latest book, ‘Make It Zero’. Mary Frances has been a
valuable partner to help get this first Wellspring Hope Community started. You can learn more about her organization at


The community is made up of 9 “Tiny House” cottages and a community center. Three of the houses will be single bedroom and
the remaining 6 will be two bedrooms for the women with children. The construction will be completed by a combination of
skilled construction companies that have donated their time as well as volunteer labor from corporate/church volunteer
days. The funding for construction is completely through donations of labor, material, and monetary. This will enable the
community to be debt free.


The residents coming here will have already completed a program through Wellspring Living and will have employment. One
of their major needs is affordable housing for while they get back on their feet. Because they have employment, they often
do not qualify for government assistance but they lack the income necessary to afford safe housing. Because a lot their
abuse began as a child at home, they often do not have a family to go back to. As a result, a lot of these women have to
move in with others into dangerous/unhealthy situations. This is why the Wellspring Hope Community is so vital; to give
these survivors a place to stay that gives them dignity and respects their healing and recovery. The residents will able to stay
for up to 3 years, and during that time will pay a low monthly program fee that will go to utilities, maintenance, and savings. At the
end of a 3 year stay they will have accumulated $10,000 in savings which will help enable them to be financially independent.